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It seems that today there are as many interpretations of Bible prophecy as there are interpreters. Can we know for certain what the future holds? Is there an ironclad method for interpreting Bible prophecy? Are Sunday morning televangelists trustworthy in what they teach about Israel, the seventy weeks, the rapture of the church, the tribulation and the Antichrist or are they setting us up for Satan's final deception? Don't miss the answers to these and other questions in this enlightening series which will take another look at the blessed hope.


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The Prophetic Panorama
Written by Catherine Bratten on May 26th 2021

I am in the process of studying and have found so far the information is Very helpful in understanding Bible prophecy and symbols. I love the fact that Pastor Bohr does not teach as to a colleague, but so that the novice can understand. He uses the Bible, inspired writings and history to bring solidity to his study approach.

The Prophetic Panorama pdf
Written by Christine on Oct 15th 2020

Very helpful material. What a blessing secrets unsealed is to our family. We love your ministry and watch every sabbath via internet all day long. This material explains so much and gives a better understanding to the study of the word of God. May God continue to bless and keep this ministry. We will share this material with our friends and family.

the Prophetic Panorama
Written by Charmaine Blythe on Sep 17th 2020

Have not begun this study yet but I have no doubt I am in for an exciting review. Continue to allow the Holy Spirit to use you to provide materials that assist with our studies of the Word.

Written by Mitchell Fleming on Sep 10th 2020

These are a super value, buy them, study them and share them-you will be blessed! Also as an added bonus I have discovered lecture #13 part 1 & 2 completes the picture of Daniel 9 in Pastor Bohr's "Studies in Daniel" notes.

Written by Aleck Chiv on Aug 19th 2020


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Written by Arthur Carson on Nov 21st 2019

Yet another wonderful presentation by Pr Bohr. Like all of his works, this in-depth study gave me an awesome insight into God's word & has encouraged & strengthened me in my faith. Many thanks Pastor Bohr & may God continue to lead & bless you & your ministry.

Great Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation
Written by DOUGLAS EDWARD CARROLL on Nov 13th 2019

I have been truly blessed by Pr Bohr's studies and I praise God for his willingness to share this knowledge.

Review on The Prophetic Panorama
Written by Nedra on Sep 14th 2018

I have been truly blessed by Pr Bohr's studies and I praise God for his willingness to share this knowledge.

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