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History is not composed of a series of disconnected and haphazard events. Rather, it is a carefully choreographed chain of events that were predicted millennia ago by God. In this series Pastor Bohr traces God’s great prophetic chain, link by link, from Ancient Babylon to the end of time. Special attention is dedicated to the end time conflict and the glorious deliverance of God’s faithful remnant. You will be amazed at the predictive precision of Bible prophecy and your faith in the Master of history will grow exponentially.

Note:  The DVD set does not cover chapters 11 & 12 in the Study Notes. The series "Christ or Antichrist" is recommended as a compliment to this series.


  1. God’s Great Prophetic Chain
  2. Who is the Little Horn
  3. The Sword and the Captivity
  4. But He Spoke Like a Dragon
  5. Congress Shall Make no Law
  6. Let us Bow Down and Worship
  7. And the Whole World Wondered
  8. In Route to a New World Order
  9. Michael Shall Stand Up
  10. Fire, Lions and Deliverance
  11. Christ or Antichrist - Part 1 (2 Thessalonians 2)
  12. Christ or Antichrist - Part 2 (2 Thessalonians 2)
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God's prophetic chain
Written by Knowles on May 29th 2021

Very good materisl, may God give you the energy to continue with the good work. Good work, God bless you.

Very helpful
Written by Ben on Nov 14th 2020

Please,keep providing these things.

Great study.
Written by N Vargas on Sep 17th 2018

Very well explained.

Great study.
Written by N Vargas on Sep 17th 2018

Very well explained.

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