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Question: Why do we speak about the second coming of Jesus if Jesus came multiple times on the old testament?

Question: In the Bible, leaven is often a symbol for sin. How come it is also used as a symbol for the Church? Can a symbols in the bible represent more than one thing?

Question: I'd like to know if the fire that will destroy the wicked burns forever?

Question: Was the spirit that appeared before king Saul really Samuel?

Question: Jesus told the criminal on the cross that he would take him to paradise. Some believe that this happens immediately at death, others believe it happens at the second coming of Jesus. Please help?

Question: I'd like to know if the flood in Genesis was local or global?

Question: Did a flood actually take place during the days of Noah? If so, was it local or global?

Question: I'd like to know what the Bible says about repentance?

Question: Genesis 35:18 seems to say that the soul leaves the body at death. Can you please help me understand what happens when a person dies?

Question: I'd like to know, what is the secret for overcoming temptation and growing as a Christian?

Question: What caused Moses face to shine after he spent time in God's presence on Mount Sinai?

Question: What is the proper translation of Revelation 22:17? Is it blessed are those who keep the commandments or blessed or they who wash their robes?

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