One Time Donations Are Much Appreciated.

"It is not the plan of God to rain down means from heaven in order that His cause may be sustained. He has entrusted, or deposited, ample means with men, that there shall be no lack in any department of His work. He proves those who profess to love Him by placing means in their hands, and then tries them to see if they love the gift better than the Giver.” Testimonies Volume 2, page 659


“Give To Give” Monthly Partnership Program

Under any of the above funds (Evangelism, Next Level Project, Pastoral Fund, Prison Ministry, or Wherever Needed Most), sign up for $10 or more per month recurring donation with your credit or debit card. Be sure to check the “Make This Recurring (Monthly) box, or you may sign up by mail at Secrets Unsealed 5949 E. Clinton Ave., Fresno, CA 93727 – or sign up by phone at 559-264-2300 or 888-REV-1412 in the USA.

Then once a month Secrets Unsealed will mail you one free evangelistic tool (i.e., DVD or CD) of our choiceso that you can benefit from it, and also share it with someone else.

If you live in the USA this monthly DVD will be mailed at no cost to you. If you live outside the USA, please contact Secrets Unsealed for best and low shipping fee.

Sign up today for our “Give to Give” program and bless others each month.