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Secrets Unsealed is currently serving
over 3,000 inmates across the United States
with Bible study notes, books, study Bibles,
and Biblical answers to questions.

Do you have a friend or family member in prison that would love to have a free Bible, and a set of Bible study notes?

Have them write to us at:
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Able in NC writes:
Abel was born and raised in the Pentecostal church; in fact, his father was a pastor. Abel came across messages by Pr. Bohr on YouTube during COVID and has been watching nonstop for three years. He has accepted the Sabbath and many Bible-based teachings by Pastor Bohr. He also understands that EGW was a prophet of the Lord and has listened to all her audiobooks. Has a friend who is SDA and on his first visit to an Adventist church, they were discussing something and he spoke up and corrected them in their understanding, and they said "Oh yes, we believe that, that is correct" he told them he has learned so much from Pr. Bohr. The Holy Spirit has also revealed to his brothers about the Sabbath and that the rapture is not Biblical; (one of whom is a pastor in the Pentecostal Church). Abel is the administrator of a detention facility in NC. They use a tablet at their facility and would like to see how they can add our app to their tablet. Please keep this in your prayers.


A prison inmate in TN writes:
Due to my safety from other gang members I am forced into continued long-term segregation time or "hole" time as it is referred to. It is hard on the mind at times and it is hard with cellmates due to the continued segregation. So, all the books I can read or correspondence I can be involved in is a super blessing from the Lord.

James in NE writes:
Thank you for your prayers and literature that you sent me. It is a true blessing to correspond with you and learn about Christ's love and forgiveness.

Colin in IN writes:
I want to thank the staff and members who donate time or money and give incarcerated individuals like myself hope and the blessings of God's Word. Not only have you all helped me, but I was able to share the word with my cellmate and now he's turning his life around.

Robert from NE writes:
I enjoy watching your programs here at the penitentiary. One of the very few that can pull in 3ABN on our TVs. I am a lifetime SDA who lost his way for a time and I'm now doing a life sentence. Better doing a life sentence with God than without God. Praise God for His grace and forgiveness. I appreciate your programs and receiving your magazine.

"Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."
Matthew 25:36-40

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