The Ancestry of Jesus

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This is a wonderful and informative Christmas sermon that unwraps the Gift given us in the genealogical records of Christ's human nature. Pastor Bohr makes the genealogies come to life with observations many probably have not seen before. These insights give more strong evidence for the divine inspiration of the Bible. Points discussed include:
  • Why there is a difference between the two genealogies of Christ given in Scripture?
  • Why the royal bloodline in Joseph and Mary's ancestry had some important differences which made only Mary's line qualified to pass the throne to Jesus-and how this all ties in to the promise given in Eden?
  • Why David could not have been king if he had been born one generation earlier?
  • Why Jesus is called both the Son of God and the Everlasting Father in Scripture?
  • Why "Christian" evolutionists cannot possibly be right in trying to get the church to accept that man descended from mollusks and monkeys?
  • Why there is an encouraging message of hope that Christ's ancestors included Gentiles, as well as adulterers, prostitutes, liars and pagan idolaters?
  • Why there is a beautiful meaning in Adam being called "The son of God"?
  • Why Christ could not have taken Adam's uncorrupted nature before the fall?
  • Why Christ did not take man's unregenerated nature after the fall either?
  • Why mankind has become tied closer to God throughout the eternal ages than if we had never sinned?
Pastor Bohr ends by reading several choice passages from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy which show how Christ's inherited nature had no advantages over what we have to struggle with in our battle with sin.

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