Futurism's Incredible Journey - How Mainline Christianity Hijacked Bible Prophecy

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Author: Pastor Stephen Bohr, 128 pages - soft cover

By means of a secret rapture, millions of Christians will suddenly vanish. Snatched up to heaven to meet Christ in the clouds, they will not have to face the trials that are to come upon the earth. This disappearing act ushers in the seven-year tribulation. For the first three-and-one-half years, human conditions gradually deteriorate. Meanwhile, political and military power shifts to a European confederacy led by the Antichrist. This strong man miraculously survives a head wound and gains unprecedented power. At a point of crisis, he orchestrates a seven-year peace treaty in the Middle East. However, the Antichrist, who bears Satan’s mark—666—then demonstrates his true nature. About midway through the tribulation, he and his assistant, the false prophet, terrorize the world and compel everyone to bear the mark 666 on their hands or forehead.

This scenario does not come from some fictional novel. It is the fundamental prophetic belief system of millions of Christians who claim to believe in Bible inerrancy. Though it appears bizarre, it is proclaimed as gospel truth by thousands of Protestant ministers and Bible teachers around the world. Where does this sensational prophetic scenario come from? Is it firmly based on the testimony of the Holy Scriptures? Has it always been believed by the Christian church? Is this really what the final conflict will look like, or is Protestantism setting itself up for an overmastering delusion?

Keep reading ... because what you don’t know can hurt you!

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