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In this series Pastor Stephen Bohr compares the Jewish view of tradition of Christ's day with the Roman Catholic view of tradition today. This series reveals that the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus as their Messiah because of their erroneous view of tradition. The Roman Catholic concept of tradition today mirrors the view that was being taught in Christ's day. Weill the Christian churches of the world repeat the same mistakes of the past and be totally unprepared for the Messiah's second coming? 

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The Bible or Tradition
Written by Laura on Jan 1st 2022

Very good study exposing the insidious nature of tradition in the church & how to escape its hold.

bible and tradition
Written by tom steinberg on Sep 10th 2018

thank you excellent study and materials. God bless.

The Bible Or Tradition
Written by Colleen on Jul 5th 2018

It is a true blessing to have Pastor Bohr's notes on this very informative series. Freely you have given - praise God for your generosity in spreading the gospel. Thank you!

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