You Can Survive

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Author: Jere Franklin | 475 pages - soft cover

If there was a plan whereby you could avoid most disasters, wouldn't you want to know about it? This book includes chapters on the joys of country living, medical preparation for the end time, wilderness survival, log cabin building, a garden to kitchen cookbook, a financial plan, and inspirational stories of faith. In the near future, this information will be invaluable.


  1. God is Love: Love Is Healing and Life
  2. Vital Truth: End Time Events Revealed
  3. Accusations: Words Can Hurt
  4. Critical Ministry: An Oxymoron?
  5. Broken In Heart: A Purpose In Pain
  6. Intercession: Praying for Others Effectively
  7. The Miracle of Unity: "That the World May Believe..."
  8. Restoration: God's Answer for Hopeless Problems
  9. Financial Preparation: Escaping the Leper Colony
  10. Country Living: A Taste of Elegance
  11. Log Cabin Building: You Can Do It!
  12. Garden to Kitchen: Food for the Future
  13. Medical Preparation: Basic Skills and Natural REmedies
  14. Wilderness Survival: Making a Friend of Nature
  15. When to Flee: An Act of Faith
  16. Treasure In the Trash: Hilkiah's Discovery
  17. Hastening Our Lord's Return: Yes We Can!
  18. Education for the Future: Prisoners of Hope
  19. Evangelism In the End Time: Missionary Training
  20. Heaven: The Ultimate Survival

Appendix Closing Events Chart The "Read or Not" List The "Only Safety" List Index About the Author

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