Behold I Send You Elijah

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Author: Stephen Bohr, 169 pages spiral bound

In this series Pastor Bohr will trace a clear timeline of end time ‘Elijah’ events with special emphasis on the loud cry, the latter rain, the role of the climate change movement in Sunday legislation, the little time of trouble, the great tribulation and Satan’s counterfeit personation of Christ’s coming. There has been much discussion in recent days about the timing and reason for Satan’s counterfeit. Pastor Bohr will present overwhelming evidence for a post-probationary fulfillment of this event.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Is There A Conspiracy Behind History?
  2. The Elijah Story and Matthew 24
  3. Satan's Personation of Christ: When and Why?
  4. The Signs In the Heavens In Matthew 24:29
  5. The Great Tribulation: Past or Future?
  6. The Gathering of the Wicked: When?

Note: DVD's for this series will include additional titles for all Summit speakers. Available soon.

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