Who Cares About Christian Standards?

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Closed Captioned

In this series, Pastor Bohr will pursue some very controversial subjects which for genuine Christians need not be controversial.

Some of the topics to be dealt will are these:

  • What is the basis for upholding high Christian standards?
  • Is it alright to lie depending on the circumstances?
  • Is it wrong to wear jewelry? •Is money the root of all evil?
  • What is the relationship between principles and standards?
  • Is all music proper as long as the lyrics are religious?
  • What is worldliness?
  • What's wrong with going to the movies?
  • Isn't all the emphasis on standards a matter of legalism? 


  1. The Ripple Principle
  2. Deadly White Lies
  3. Love Not The World
  4. The Mixed Multitude
  5. Unfaithful Mammon
  6. Faithful Unto Death
  7. Strange Fire
  8. The Mind Manipulators
  9. The Power of Music
  10. Are Christian Standards for Puritans?

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