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Author/Speaker: Pastor Stephen Bohr | Study notes have 429 pages

It has been claimed that Seventh-day Adventists are Old Testament Christians because they tithe, keep the Sabbath, and abide by certain health principles. What about their other distinctive doctrines such as the Spirit of Prophecy, the state of the dead, the sanctuary and the investigative judgment. Can they be found in the four gospels and the book of Acts? Yes they can!

Building upon the foundation of the four gospels and the book of Acts, Pastor Stephen Bohr will answer these questions and establish in this Anchor class that Jesus taught every belief and practice of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This will equip you to give a reason for the faith that is in you when you meet other Christians who claim to be "New Testament Christians".

DVD Titles in Volume 1 (contains Classes #1 - #14)
DVD Titles in Volume 2 (contains Classes #15 - #25)

      What Jesus Said About . . . 

  1. The Word of God
  2. The Unconditional Love of God
  3. The Godhead
  4. Who He is Part 1
  5. Who He is Part 2
  6. Good and Evil
  7. The Rule of Law
  8. Overcoming Life's Mistakes
  9. How To Pray
  10. Marriage, Gender, Environment, Family, Relationships, and Rest
  11. Relief From Stress
  12. History's Greatest Hoax
  13. The Test of Discipleship and Holy Spirit Baptism
  14. Life, Death, and the Afterlife
  15. Peace in the Middle East
  16. The Rapture of the Saints
  17. The Great Controversy and the Judgment
  18. The End of Evil
  19. Living a Life of Service
  20. The Return of Elijah
  21. Religion and Politics
  22. The Abomination of Desolation
  23. The Unpardonable Sin
  24. Prophets and Psychics
  25. The Ordinances of the Church

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