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32 Different PDF Studies on USB (2GB) by Pastor Stephen Bohr. Comes packaged inside a nice maple box:

  1. Believe His Prophets: Prophetic Guidance in the Advent Movement Vol 1 & 2

  2. Catching Up To Jesus

  3. Cracking the Genesis Code

  4. God's Prophetic Chain

  5. His Way is in The Sanctuary

  6. In The Beginning

  7. Knowledge Shall Be Increased

  8. Mary, the Mother of Jesus

  9. Misunderstood Texts on the State of the Dead

  10. Prophecy Made Simple

  11. Prophetic Principles: The Nuts and Bolts of Bible Prophecy Classes Vol 1 & 2

  12. Revelation's Seven Seals: Studies in Revelation 4-8
  13. Studies in Daniel

  14. Studies on Matthew 24
  15. Studies in Revelation 12 & 13

  16. Studies in Revelation - The Seven Churches
  17. Studies in Revelation - The Seven Trumpets

  18. The 24 Elders

  19. The Bible or Tradition

  20. The End Time Dimensions of the Parables

  21. The Great Cosmic Controversy

  22. The Great Prophecies of Daniel & Revelation

  23. The Hebrew Religious Calendar

  24. The Prophetic Panorama

  25. The Sanctified Life

  26. The Secrets of Pentecost

  27. The Three Angels' Message

  28. The Three Elijahs

  29. The Wise Shall Understand

  30. To The Law and To The Testimony

  31. Who Cares About Christian Standards?

  32. Your Redemption Draweth Nigh


If you purchased all these study notes in hard copy, this set would retail for $1,182.42 + shipping.

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USB purchase
Written by Ed Abbott on Mar 15th 2023

The USB is a great deal and so much easier to use on a laptop. I will eventually print everything out in case world wide web (www) goes down. I appreciate everything SUM.tv does to get the WORD out. God Bless!!

USB Study Notes
Written by Michelle Munoz-Torres on Jul 17th 2020

I purchased this product as a gift for my husband. He is an avid Bible student and studies EGW's writings as well. He was so happy to receive the Study Notes USB and he has thanked me repeatedly for this material. Thank you for making it available and God bless you and the ministry.

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