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About this series
Hands down, the question that people most frequently ask Secrets Unsealed is: Who are the 24 elders and what role do they play in heaven? What do we know for certain about this group?  Are they the first-fruits that came forth from the tomb when Jesus resurrected?  Will we ever have the opportunity of meeting them?  Do they have any role in the administration of the universe?  What lessons can we learn from the work that they perform?  There are many surprises packed up in this five part series. You will find certain answers from the Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy!



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Who are the 24 elders
Written by Eduard Valoissmith on Jun 13th 2021

This is wonderfully written and explained by pastor Stephen Bohr. Using the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy, have make it very clear and easy to understand and to know, who they are. I highly recommend it to every student of God's Word to add this presentation to your library. Rating: 5 stars

24 Elders
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Apr 23rd 2021

This subject was very informative. Love how it was explained y the scriptures. Thank you so much.

Pointed and Relevant
Written by Linval McFarlane on Feb 9th 2021

This is one of the most detailed and clear study I have been through on the 24 Elders. Must confess my understanding was "a little" different, but after a careful study with this course I was lead to believe otherwise. Thanks Pastor! To God be the glory!!!!

24 Elders
Written by Paul on Feb 1st 2021

I thought I had a good knowledge of certain topics but boy was I mistaken, learning new light every day I thank our beloved Jesus for SUC ministry, keep up the good work appreciate it very much from NZ: have a bless day

Written by Ben on Nov 13th 2020

Please,this has been very helpful.

Written by Aleck Chiv on Aug 22nd 2020

wonderful presentation

24 Elders
Written by Peter Unruh on Jan 13th 2020

Steven Bohr’s study on the identity of the 24 Elders is amazing and he is clearly being lead by the Holy Spirit. I have found all of his studies some of the very best examples of rightly dividing the word of God.

Fascinating Study
Written by Elvin Mofu on Mar 21st 2019

The study is very fascinating, I must admit the flow of evidence as presented in the study from the very first all the way to the last joins well with each other. Considering the alternative view though for me the passage in Rev. 5:8-11 was most definitive of who the group is. But when a counter proposition is proposed by the pastor why that fails, at that point, nothing is stronger than that on this side left to counter. I was almost giving up my earlier position. But instead of having a position now am left in between. Addition to that is that now I am lead to question the credibility of the English Bible. To be precise my question is has God really preserved his word without corruption in the translated versions? What are some of the things we may be believing to be true based on a faulty translation? What if its true the KJV just inserted some of those verses missing in the other translations? Why has the SDAs been historically teaching that the KJV is God's preserved word in the English translation? Who but scholars can find such mistakes? Is salvation so expensive and complicated that it will always take scholarly intervention for the common man to realize such mistakes? If the word is for everyone including the common man, wherewith can the common me realize such mistake excerpt some scholar points them out? Is my understanding of the true interpretations of scriptures at the mercy of the scholars?

24 Elders
Written by Joshua on Feb 12th 2019

Great study! Very informative and in depth with plenty of references and citations. I learned a lot from this study!

24 Elders
Written by Nuria Sendros on Oct 20th 2018

Refreshing new insight about identity of the twenty-four elders. Glory to God for Pastor Bohr's dedication to deep study.

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