The Secrets of Pentecost

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pentecost’? Most people think of a mighty rushing wind, tongues of fire and strange languages. But there is much more to Pentecost than this. In this 10-part series Pastor Bohr explains the profound meaning of the Pentecostal events in heaven and on earth and their significance for today.

Titles (2-titles on each DVD)

  1. The Return of the War Hero
  2. The First Fruits
  3. The Lord Is Our Rock
  4. Matthias: Wrong or Right Choice
  5. Chain of Command
  6. Tongues in Historical Perspective
  7. The Tongues of Pentecost
  8. The Tongues of Men and Angels
  9. Are Tongues Ecstatic Utterances?
  10. Are You Persecutable?

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