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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pentecost’? Most people think of a mighty rushing wind, tongues of fire and strange languages. But there is much more to Pentecost than this. In this 10-part series Pastor Bohr explains the profound meaning of the Pentecostal events in heaven and on earth and their significance for today.

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The Secrets of Pentecost
Written by Nardz Gaspan Jr. on Oct 29th 2021

This study notes is very helpful regarding in this topic of the Pentecost. Very detailed, explicit and very informative that every Christians and SDA bible researcher can learn more about this topic. Thank you Pastor Bohr for your study notes. God bless

The Secrets of Pentecost
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Feb 28th 2021

To say that this writing was very helpful, does explain how I really feel about learning what was made very clear from the scriptures and Ellen White’s writings on this subject. It blows my mind. Thank you for your Bible study and research on this subject. God bless Secrets Unsealed, who I lift up in prayer on a regular basis.

Detailed Study
Written by Linval McFarlane on Feb 9th 2021

Another God filled Spirit directed study. Revelation 4 & 5 is made plain.

Secrets of Pentecost
Written by Lourdes Rivera on Oct 10th 2020

I watched the series and appreciate the study notes so I have the reference material to give to friends who have questions. Very detailed and helpful! Thank you!

Written by Aleck Chiv on Aug 19th 2020


Written by Donna Failes on Jan 1st 2020

Always wonderful Bible studies. Read and use them all the time!! Thank you very much

The Secrets of Pentecost
Written by Ha Ngon on Dec 9th 2019

Thank you

Written by Christine Wigglesworth on Jan 31st 2019

What a blessing to have such indepth and compressive studies such as this available! We do not hear sermons like this, so we need material like this to feed ourselves spiritually. Thank you so much for making this available.

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