The Mystery Revealed - The Loud Cry, Perfection and the Righteousness of Faith

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Speaker: Eric Wilson | Only Available on DVD

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There are 9 presentations on 5 DVDs.

This series is also available on our youtube.com/secretsunsealed channel.

How many Christians today, even within our own churches, are struggling in darkness, in doubt and bondage to sin? Longing to be truly free . . . Yet our Mighty God has assured us, that He sent His Son Jesus for this very reason . . . To set every captive free! And He says to you and I today, "Now ye ARE clean, through the Word which I have spoken unto you," and "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect!" Is this even possible? . . . and if so, How? Come and join us, as we open God's Word together. Learn how to believe unto Salvation (deliverance, freedom, healing and restoration), and how to take hold of and appropriate by faith His every promise as your very own!

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The Mystery Revealed
Written by Steve Sage on Jul 25th 2022

I love the fact that Jesus is revealing all truth while exposing all error in these last days for the sake of all His children to come eternally home to the Spirit Leader who loves us (Rev. 18:4). And I doubly love the fact that, while the greater leadership in God's church is temporarily sidetracked, laymen, especially Stephen Bohr, who has God's gift of teaching, is doing a wonderful job glorifying God and magnifying His Perfect Law of Love and Liberty. I have always appreciated Beloved Bohr. I consider him a bright shining light in this very dark world. Thank you Jesus, and keep him faithful and true is my prayer.

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