The Certainty of the Third Angel's Message - Book

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346 pages, soft cover.

In this masterwork of prophetic interpretation the late Australian evangelist Louis F. Were presents an in-depth analysis of his Christian understanding of the message of the Three Angels in Revelation 14:6-12, in the light of the Old Testament prophecies.

In a clear way he unfolds the coherence and unity of Holy Scripture and the Christ-centered focus of its end-time prophecies.  The errors of an unwarranted literalism or spiritualization are pointed out.  Laying aside speculations and assumptions of prophetic interpretation, he prepares a firm foundation of principles of interpretation which are inherent in the Scriptures themselves and finds a marvelous continuity between the Old and New Testaments, between Israel and the Church.  The author honors both the conditional aspects of prophecy and the unconditional divine assurance of its fulfillment in Messiah Jesus and His faithful people.

The Certainty of the Third Angel’s Message is much needed help in our time of uncertainty and of raising new questions about prophetic applications to the modern Jewish nation and the Middle East.

L. F. Were clarifies the issues, creates order in a confusing number of different prophetic portrayals, and installs new confidence in God’s absolute providence.  But above all, he exalts Christ Jesus as the center of all Scripture and inspires the soul with new hope and enthusiasm to meet the world’s Redeemer.

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The certainty of the Three Angels message
Written by Joy on Jun 24th 2020

I received my package in a timely matter. Everything was in good condition and I'm really enjoying this book. It has open my eyes to the study of the scriptures and how I can get deeper in my relationship with God.

Written by Debra on Jun 23rd 2020

Amazing book, and it is one I am going to have to read more than once. Its very intense.

The Certainty of the Thrid Angels Message
Written by Leonard on Jan 15th 2018

This book is not casual reading. I look at it as an in depth study book. I studied this book in 1988. The principals of Bible interpretation, and the correct methods of interpretation of prophecy that I learned then have kept me on the right track for all these years. It solidified me in my belief that the Third Angels Message is the message for this time.

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