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In this presentation, given at 3ABN's Ten Commandment Weekend, Pastor Bohr presents a ground-breaking study of the third commandment: "You shall not take the name of the Lord Your God in vain" (Ex. 20:7). He explores the wide breadth of its meaning in various aspects. He spends most of the time studying how this commandment will play a very important part as a test of sincerity of those who claim the name of Christ in the end times, as he provides fresh new insights into the deceptive work of the lamb-like land beast of Revelation 13 and how it will someday turn against the principles it professedly represents by its two horns.
Anyone who becomes a Christian takes on the family name of Christ, and thus is called to represent what that name means before the world. God's name represents His character, which we are to reflect in our lives. We also are to honor and respect that name in our language habits. When we do not represent His name that we have taken upon ourselves, we thus take the name of God in vain, misusing it and giving Him a bad reputation.
The mark of the beast in the end times will be promoted by the false prophet, which takes the name of Christ on the outside, and professes to speak in His name, but is really leading people away from true worship and the keeping of the commandments of God. You will gain many insights into texts in the Old and New Testaments that warn about the work of false prophets and the signs and wonders that they perform while they are really trampling upon God's law and holy name. You will also see how the Bible predicts that most last-day churches and Christians will claim and desire to be called by the name of Christ, but will want to provide for themselves in their own way.
This very important and enlightening message will encourage you to make sure to avoid everything that disgraces the family name and values of God.

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