Scripture, Church Structure, and the Path to Unity Symposium

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Symposium Speakers: Stephen Bohr, Daniel Scarone, Kevin Paulson, Mike Lambert, Larry Kirkpatrick, Mario Veloso, and Dr. Phil Mills.
  1. Why Another Symposium by Stephen Bohr
  2. Developments After San Antonio? by Dr. Daniel Scarone
  3. Biblical Hermeneutics and Church Leadership by Larry Kirkpatrick
  4. Scripture and Church Authority by Mike Lambert
  5. The Gender of Elders and the Church Manual by Dr. Mario Veloso
  6. A Biblical Theology of Church Discipline by Kevin Paulson
  7. That They All Be One by Dr. Mario Veloso
  8. Town Hall Meeting - with all symposium speakers
  9. Town Unity: At What Cost? by Mike Lambert
  10. Two Paths to Unity: John 17 and Isaiah 4 by Dr. Mario Veloso
  11. Message and Mission: Internal Church Controversy and Challenge of Distraction by Kevin Paulson
  12. Dissolution or Revolution: Church Structure and Doctrinal Faithfulness by Larry Kirkpatrick
  13. Fitly Joined Together by Mike Lambert
  14. The Government of God: The Model for the Church Structure by Dr. Phil Mills
  15. Town Hall Meeting - with all symposium speakers
 There are 15 presentations and two town hall meetings in this set of 10 DVDs, available to you for the cost of shipping.
For five decades, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been discussing the pros and cons of women's ordination to the gospel ministry. At the San Antonio General Conference Session in 2015, the world church voted for the third time to disallow the practice. When it comes to theological arguments pros and cons 'there is nothing new under the sun' (Eccl. 1:9). However, there have been ecclesiastical and administrative developments since San Antonio that the world church must urgently address.
This symposium will not be a rehash of the arguments for and against women's ordination. Its purpose, rather, is to address ecclesiastical and administrative issues that have arisen since San Antonio, such as:
  • Is the General Conference administration attempting to force Unions into compliance with the vote of the world church in San Antonio?
  • How does church policy relate to the worldwide unity of the church? Is compliance with denominational church policy merely optional?
  • Can church unity exist when various denominational entities refuse to comply with the church's Constitution and Bylaws?
  • What is the foundation for the unity of the church? Does church unity mean that it is sufficient for members to agree to disagree on matters that are considered secondary and peripheral?
  • What organizational procedures allowed for the ordination of women elders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?

These and other hot-button topics are addressed in this symposium. You can also view these on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/secretsunsealed.

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Pathway to Unity Symposium
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Feb 9th 2021

I did enjoy this.

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