Women's Ordination Symposium

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  1. Introduction of the Subject and Symposium Details by Stephen Bohr
  2. The Impact of Spiritualism on Feminism and Gender Issues Today by Laurel Damsteegt
  3. From Mohaven to TOSC: How We Got Here by Dr. Mario Veloso
  4. Male Headship in the Old Testament by Dr. John Peters
  5. Male Headship in the New Testament by Dr. Ingo Sorke
  6. Hermeneutics: Universal Principles and Local Application First Panel Discussion
  7. Straw Man Arguments in Favor of Women's Ordination by Eugene Prewitt
  8. The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy Part 1 by Pastor Don Mackintosh
  9. The Third Option: A Way Forward or a Step Backwards? by Pastor Jim Howard
  10. Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important? by Daniel Mesa
  11. Regional Ordination: A Path To Congregationalism? Second Panel Discussion
  12. Reply to NAD and Other Pro-Women's Ordination Arguments by Dojcin Zivadinovic
  13. Women's Ordination and the Jerusalem Council by Dr. Phil Mills
  14. Ellen White's View of Women in Ministry by Dr. Isaac Olatunji
  15. The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy Part 2 by Pastor Don Mackintosh
  16. Male and Female Created He Them by Julie Mesa
  17. My Story and the Hermeneutical Question by Dr. Raymond Holmes
  18. Spiritual Gifts and Church Office by Allen Davis, Ph.D
  19. The Priesthood of all Believers Third Panel Discussion
  20. Counterfeit Spirituality, Counterfeit Salvation, and the Ordination Controversy by Pastor Kevin Paulson
  21. Town Hall Meeting Fourth Panel Discussion

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