Revelation's Seven Trumpets - A Contextual Approach

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Study Notes have 379 pages. The DVDs will be ready later this year.

If you have Pastor Bohr's original study on the seven trumpets, this is his second expanded edition.

There are many differing interpretations of the seven trumpets both within and without the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The trumpet series is one of the most difficult to interpret in the book of Revelation.

Bizarre symbols and strange actions permeate the series. How can we make sense out of what appears to be impossible to decode?

In this series, Pastor Bohr suggests a contextual approach that centers on the great controversy between good and evil. Using the principle that Scripture is its own interpreter, Pastor Bohr offers an interpretation that makes sense and appeals to the unimpassioned reason.

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7 trumpets
Written by Isabel on May 14th 2020

Thank you for this work of years that help me to have a clearer picture of the interpretation of the 7 trumpets.

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