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Study Notes have 379 pages. 

If you have Pastor Bohr's original study on the seven trumpets, this is his second expanded edition.

There are many differing interpretations of the seven trumpets both within and without the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The trumpet series is one of the most difficult to interpret in the book of Revelation.

Bizarre symbols and strange actions permeate the series. How can we make sense out of what appears to be impossible to decode?

In this series, Pastor Bohr suggests a contextual approach that centers on the great controversy between good and evil. Using the principle that Scripture is its own interpreter, Pastor Bohr offers an interpretation that makes sense and appeals to the unimpassioned reason.

Special Note - Please Read:

This material is the result of years of study, reflection, research, organizing and writing. Its objective is to present our precious message in a profound yet simple manner gleaning the gems of truth from Scripture and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy.

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Revelations Seven Trumpets
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Sep 23rd 2022

Hello Pastor Bohr, I praise God for your continual studying of the scriptures. This study is truely a very in depth study, I am enjoying your YouTube presentations. It is intense, yet very understandable. God bless you, Charmaine Ridgely himfirst7@yahoo.com 240-319-9394

Revelation's 7 Trumpets
Written by Timothy Sjostrom on Mar 14th 2022

A very in depth study on the 7 Trumpets and how they relate to our world of today's turmoil on every side of the world whether about how much of the world is affected by them as we near the final days of earth's time. I enjoyed following along using the study notes as he presented each lesson.

Written by Barry A Opseth on Feb 21st 2022

Pastor Bohr provides a plethora of info in his presentation. Watching the videos and following along with this exhaustive study guide, is a must for anyone preparing for these end-times. Thank you so much Pastor Bohr and your staff and God Bless your ministry.

Revelation's Seven Trumpets
Written by Twaambo Chuuzya on Jun 13th 2021

Thank you so much Secrets Unsealed Team. Many the good Lord continue to strengthen you as you spread this gospel of His Kingdom. The Lesson are purely bible based.

Written by Nedra Perera on Jun 2nd 2021

Thank you, Pr Bohr and the SecretsUnsealed team for being a willing instrument for God. ALL your studies are Spirit-filled and a blessing. I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry for Him.

Seven Trumpets
Written by Barbara Myers on Apr 28th 2021

All of Pastor Bohr's notes are easy to comprehend and understand. Thank you.

Revelations Seven Trumpets
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Feb 9th 2021


Revelation’s Seven Trumpets
Written by Don Hall on Feb 9th 2021

A very thorough study. Pasta Bohr digs deep. Scripture with scripture and verse with verse, which is a necessity to understand Revelation as it is written in symbolic language. Pastor Bohr also does a great job at connecting the timelines, which can be very confusing as the book is not written in order, often going forward then jumping back and so on. It is a tedious study, but of very necessary one for we are living in it and God wanted to reveal to us and prepare us for what is to come.

7 Trumpets review
Written by Jason on Jan 11th 2021

I have been listening to these lectures on YouTube as well as reading the study guide beforehand and again during the presentation. I appreciate how thorough Pastor Bohr is on his interpretation of the prophecies. He definitely uses a lot of Bible verses and with those verses it is convincing these are not his interpretations but the Bible speaking for itself. This is something you need to print off some of his charts and keep in your own Bible. These are excellent studies.

Revelation's Seven Trumpets
Written by Sue Castle on Jan 5th 2021

This has been so wonderful to listen to the lectures and look up the notes with scriptures and EGW quotes. Everything in God's Word fits together so perfectly when you use the bible to explain itself. These trumpets now make sense to me. Thank you for all the work and dedication that has gone into this series.

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