Revelation's Seven Seals: Studies in Revelation 4-8 - 2nd Expanded Edition

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Speaker/Author: Stephen Bohr

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The Study Notes Contain 455 pages, spiral-bound. | There are 24 presentations on 12 DVDs.

Revelation’s seven seals (Revelation 6:1-8:1) have long been a topic of animated discussion among Adventists, Protestants and the world in general. The Sabbath School quarterly recently dedicated three lessons to this topic. Obviously, it is impossible to comprehend fully the meaning of the seals in just three short lessons so we will dedicate an entire week to their study.

What do the seven seals mean? Must we understand then literally or symbolically? What principles must we apply to them in order to understand their true meaning?

In this ANCHOR class study, we dedicate an entire week to decode the meaning of the seals verse by verse by applying historicist principles. Not only will we study the seven seals, per se, but also the magnificent introductory vision in chapters four and five as well as the prophetic interlude of Revelation 7. We will answer questions such as the following (and many more!):

  • What principles must we apply to the study of the seven seals?
  • Do chapters four and five depict the judgment scene that began in 1844 or do they apply to Christ’s inauguration upon His ascension?
  • Who are the four living creatures and the 24 Elders?
  • What do the four horses represent and why are they different colors?
  • Who are the souls that are crying out from under the altar?
  • Must we understand the great earthquake and the signs in the sun, moon, and stars literally?
  • Who are the 144,000 and when will they live? Is the number literal or symbolic?
  • What is the half hour of silence in heaven when the seventh seal is broken?
  • What relevance do the seven seals have for my own personal walk with Jesus?
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Revelations 7 Seals
Written by Bruce Davis on Oct 10th 2022

Beautifully Done and Well made. Full of information and done in LOVE

study notes
Written by Carol on Aug 19th 2021

I'm a new 7th day Adventist only for a year. I was seeking the truth and God helped me come out of Babylon after 60 years in evangelical churches. These study notes have opened up a whole new life of seeing what is in God's word!

Review of Revelation's Seven Seals
Written by Andrew Ikeda on Sep 30th 2019

For the past year I've had a desire to learn more about the Book of Revelation. While a recent quarterly helped me out a bit, I still felt I didn't know a lot. A church member referred Pastor Bohr's course/book to me and after a brief chat with our Pastor, who highly recommended Pastor Bohr as well, I took the plunge and purchased this book/course. I'm only on page 106, Lesson 7 so I can only comment on what I've read and studied so far. Lesson 1 - The Battle in the Garden. Discusses Jesus as creator and responsible for our existence. Lesson 2 - Notes on Chapter 4. Pastor Bohr discusses the four living creatures and cross-references Isaiah 6 to show that they are Seraphim Lesson 3 - Notes on Revelation 5. Pastor Bohr goes into great detail on the Judgment scene, the scroll that no one could open and does an excellent job in explaining why Jesus was the only one who could open it. Lesson 4 - Who are the 24 Elders? This has been the most interesting and fascinating so far to me. Pastor Bohr uses quite a number of texts from both the OT and NT to describe who these 24 Elders are and proves that they are NOT human beings and are not part of those whom were resurrected when Jesus was resurrected. Very interesting! I'm out of time so I'll stop here. This book/manual is highly recommended. I have learned a ton in just the few pages covered to date. This book has given me confidence in understanding the content, which in turn has increased the joy and desire to continue studying and read more on this fascinating and important book of the Bible for us at this time in world history. Thank you, Pastor Bohr for taking time to create this material. God bless. Sincerely, Andrew Ikeda

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