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Written by Ruben on Mar 21st 2024


La importancia del estado de los muertos
Written by Javier grice on Sep 15th 2023

Hoy día hay muchas creencias acerca el estado de los muertos y es necesario q nosotros demos razones a las personas de la fe q Dios a puesto en nosotros es tiempo de testificar con un escrito está, agradezco a Dios por las personas q hacen este materia una realidad para continuar con el estudio de las sagradas escrituras.

State of the Dead
Written by Micah Romanus on Jul 15th 2023

This material clarifies the state of the dead. The living know that they would die but the dead know nothing. At the time death, all consciousness perish and memory is lost. Thank you for producing such a comprehensive study on this topic.

Misinterpreted Texts on the State of the Dead
Written by Charmaine Ridgely on Dec 16th 2022

As usual, Pastor Bohr is very precise regarding the Word of God, to explain the scriptures on subjects that the Devil has tired to keep people from knowing the truth. Pastor Bohr has done a great job to make it easy to understand the State of the Dead, Hallelujah!! Thank you, so much.

El estado de los muertos
Written by Sandra on Nov 13th 2022

Las explicaciones que nos otorga el pastor Esteban Borh son tan claras, que no hay lugar a confusión ni dudas, Dios lo bendiga, muchas gracias.

Written by Gregory Gaines on Oct 20th 2022

This product is excellent and very informative, Stephen Bohr is an excellent pastor and I’ll definitely be purchasing more products from you guys!

Written by Nicksoni Filbert on Apr 3rd 2022

This work is excellent. The biblical exposition is on point. It complements well the Spirit of Prophecy's understanding of the state of the dead.

State of the Dead
Written by Jesse on Aug 9th 2021

This is a very thorough Biblical study on death. I cannot see how there can be any misunderstanding about this subject after a sincere study of these scriptures. I will be sharing this with others. Thank you.

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