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This is Pastor Bohr's new expanded edition of his study on Matthew 24. Contains 359 pages.

Among all the prophecies of the Bible, Matthew 24 is unique because it presents end time events in the precise order in which they will occur. Thus, Matthew 24 serves as a blueprint for the study of Bible prophecy. This chapter (along with the parallel chapters in Mark 13 and Luke 21) describes events such as the little time of trouble, the latter rain, the loud cry, the universal Sunday law, the great tribulation, Satan’s counterfeit second coming, the sign of the Son of Man and the gathering of the elect. Don’t miss out on this important series.

Chapter Titles

Lesson #1 - Seven Great Truths About Matthew 24
Lesson #2 – The Eagles Of Babylon
Lesson #3 – Matthew 24: The Historical Fulfillment
Lesson #4 – The Abomination Of Desolation In History
Lesson #5 – Matthew 24: The End Time Fulfillment
Lesson #6 – The Abomination Of Desolation: The End Time Fulfillment – Part 1
Lesson #7 – The Abomination Of Desolation: The End Time Fulfillment – Part 2
Lesson #8 – The Sabbath/Sunday Question
Lesson #9 – Matthew 24 And The False Prophet
Lesson #10 – The Great Tribulation
Lesson #11 – The Closing Events Of The Great Tribulation
Lesson #12 – Matthew, Luke And The Times Of The Gentiles
Lesson #13 – The Budding Of The Fig Tree
Lesson #14 – Like A Thief In The Night
Lesson #15 – The Final Abomination
Lesson #16 – Sunday Laws: The 1888 Attempt
Lesson #17 – A Blueprint Of End Time Events
Lesson #18 – 1888: Could It Happen Again? – Part 1
Lesson #19 – 1888: Could It Happen Again? – Part 2
Lesson #20 – Parable Of The Sheep And The Goats
Lesson #21 – Faithful And Unfaithful Servants
Lesson #22 – Reflections On Ecumenical Charity
Lesson #23 – The Marriage And The Reception
Lesson #24 – Parable Of The Ten Virgins

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Amazing Commentary
Written by Yamian Peguero on Jul 24th 2024

This is the most thorough book I've read on Matthew 24. Very eye opening and loaded with good texts and spirit of prophecy quotes. Highly recommended!

Matthew 24
Written by Anthony Bates on Dec 24th 2023

I am extremely impressed and inspired by Pastor Bohr. He is a great teacher and I will continue to watch everything that he presents.

Mathew 23
Written by Nigel Arjoon on Aug 18th 2023

It has been a joy listening and leaning for the material presented. Thanks for the thorough, indept study that has definitely enhanced my experience in the word. Blessings.

Matthew 24
Written by Michael Mclaughlin on Jul 28th 2023

Thank you for sharing this excellent resource. It provides many insights that I have not been exposed to before. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Matthew 24
Written by Roxanne Smyth on May 31st 2023

Thank you so much for sharing this information! What a blessing to learn about all the resources SUS has for my personal growth in the Lord. Pastor Bohr you're a rich blessing, thank you so much for making these studies available. God Bless you and SUS as your reach the world for Jesus.

Matt 24
Written by Iris Morgan on Apr 24th 2023

Thank you for all the work you did for us. I appreciate the clear and concise information. Iris

Matthew 24 and the 24 elders
Written by Douglas on Mar 20th 2023

Very educative and I have already shared with some friends so that we be blessed together

Written by Nedra Perera on Aug 16th 2022

As always Pr. Bohr's notes are thorough and detailed and so easy to understand. May God continue to bless this ministry.

Matt 24
Written by Bill on Aug 12th 2022

I have downloaded almost all of the PDF documents on all of his subjects subjects and have enjoyed them thoroughly as they allow me to spend time with the word throughout the sabbath and I learned so much I am very thankful for Stephen Bohr and all that he does More thoroughly the word of God!

Such Details
Written by Chirl E Crawford on Aug 3rd 2022

The thoroughness and amount of detail is amazing. I use the study notes to compare with my notes to see how much I understand from the videos. Thanks

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