Liberty of Conscience Threatened

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Is Mr. Trump & the U.S. fulfiling its prophetic role? In this series, Pastor Stephen Bohr, Hal Mayer, and Dr. Isaac Olatunji present prophetic insights that will open your eyes. 


  1. Is Mr. Trump & the U.S. Fulfilling its Prophetic Role? with Hal Mayer
  2. Liberty of Conscience Threatened with Dr. Isaac Olatunji
  3. Liberty of Conscience Threatened, Part 2 with Dr. Isaac Olatunji
  4. Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis with Stephen Bohr
  5. Held by Them in Common: Is the Deadly Wound Healed? with Hal Mayer
  6. Francis the Socialist with Stephen Bohr
  7. The Black Panther Deception with Dr. Isaac Olatunji
  8. Silencing the Three Angels Messages with Hal Mayer
  9. The Final Test with Stephen Bohr
  10. Q & A Session with Stephen Bohr and Hal Mayer


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