His Way Is In The Sanctuary

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By Stephen Bohr


  1. His Way is in the Sanctuary
  2. The Sanctuary’s Angels
  3. Death and Life in the Sanctuary
  4. The Incarnation’s Seven Secrets
  5. The Lamb of God Slain
  6. Reaping the Sanctuary’s Benefits
  7. A People Close to His Heart
  8. The Triangle of Sanctification
  9. The Sanctuary’s Two Covenants
  10. The Bible’s Foundational Prophecy
  11. The Chronology of the Judgment
  12. The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 1
  13. The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 2
  14. Three Stages of Israel’s history
  15. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 1
  16. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 2
  17. Found! The Ark of the Covenant!
  18. The Manna Test
  19. Disappointment in the Sanctuary
  20. As a Thief in the Night
  21. God on Trial
  22. The Judgment’s Three Stages
  23. The Scapegoat and Revelation’s Millennium
  24. A Monumental Conversion Experience
  25. In Antichrist’s Temple Part 1
  26. In Antichrist’s Temple Part 2
  27. The Sanctuary’s Financial Secrets
  28. The Holy and Profane
  29. The Two Temples
  30. The Sanctuary and the Prophetic Gift
  31. Three Inseparable Doctrines
  32. Home At Last

Your life will not be the same after hearing this series!

One writer once stated: “The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith.”  (EV, p. 221).  But why is this so? What makes the doctrine of the sanctuary so important?

In this series, Pastor Bohr explains how the many doctrines of the Bible, such as the divine/human nature of Christ, the salvation of sinful man, the Sabbath, the ten commandments, the state of the dead, the judgment, tithing, healthful living, the work of angels, and even end-time events, are explained in the sanctuary service. With simplicity and clarity he shows how the sanctuary is the great magnet which draws together all the doctrines of the Bible into a unified system of truth. Definitely a must-see!


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Sanctuary dvd
Written by Earl taylor on Jun 12th 2024

I have not had chance to study over this dvd yet been busy I hope to start it soon.

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