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This material is the result of years of study, reflection, research, organizing and writing. Its objective is to present our precious message in a profound yet simple manner gleaning the gems of truth from Scripture and the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy. In order to continue offering this free digital download, we need your financial support. Please consider donating so we can continue to reach as many people as possible around the world for God's kingdom. If you prefer to have a hard copy shipped to you, click here.

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With simplicity and clarity see how the sanctuary is the great magnet which draws together all the doctrines of the Bible into a unified system of truth.


  1. His Way is in the Sanctuary
  2. The Sanctuary’s Angels
  3. Death and Life in the Sanctuary
  4. The Incarnation’s Seven Secrets
  5. The Lamb of God Slain
  6. Reaping the Sanctuary’s Benefits
  7. A People Close to His Heart
  8. The Triangle of Sanctification
  9. The Sanctuary’s Two Covenants
  10. The Bible’s Foundational Prophecy
  11. The Chronology of the Judgment
  12. The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 1
  13. The Sanctuary Shall be Cleansed Part 2
  14. Three Stages of Israel’s history
  15. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 1
  16. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks Part 2
  17. Found! The Ark of the Covenant!
  18. The Manna Test
  19. Disappointment in the Sanctuary
  20. As a Thief in the Night
  21. God on Trial
  22. The Judgment’s Three Stages
  23. The Scapegoat and Revelation’s Millennium
  24. A Monumental Conversion Experience
  25. In Antichrist’s Temple Part 1
  26. In Antichrist’s Temple Part 2
  27. The Sanctuary’s Financial Secrets
  28. The Holy and Profane
  29. The Two Temples
  30. The Sanctuary and the Prophetic Gift
  31. Three Inseparable Doctrines
  32. Home At Last

Your life will not be the same after hearing this series!

One writer once stated: “The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith.”  (EV 221).  But why is this so?  What makes the doctrine of the sanctuary so important?In this series, Pastor Bohr explains how the many doctrines of the Bible, such as the divine/human nature of Christ, the salvation of sinful man, the Sabbath, the ten commandments, the state of the dead, the judgment, tithing, healthful living, the work of angels, and even end-time events, are explained in the sanctuary service. With simplicity and clarity he shows how the sanctuary is the great magnet which draws together all the doctrines of the Bible into a unified system of truth. Definitely a must-see!
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Written by Stephen Kyazze on May 21st 2023

I watched this series for the first time when I was a teenage boy. I was amazed by the connected system of truth revealed in the sanctuary and started to find answers to many questions I had then. As a result I developed interest in bible study and since then the bible has been the study of my life. Whem am sharing the truth with others, I always recommend they go through this series too as a means of understanding the end time message in a systematic way.

Amazing Study
Written by Chazany Thompson on Feb 14th 2023

Thanks for the awesome study

Written by Nelis Theron on May 21st 2022

So thankful for the years of study that can be shared with us. Reading notes as I watch the videos every morning. Praise God

Written by KJ Allen on Nov 1st 2021

Praise the Lord for his promises as he opened up the scriptures to his servant for this and all of the studies. Knowledge has increased. Amen.

Written by KJ Allen on Oct 26th 2021

I'm so very thankful to be able to read the notes that Pastor Bohr has shared after years of study. He has searched for hid treasures. These are absolutely magnificent. Thank you for your selflessness..

Written by Nicole Hays on Aug 8th 2021

I became a Christian about 8 years ago and embarked on a mission to figure out Bible truths and prophecy. I had help from Walter Veith, but never heard of Stephen Bohr until about 6 months ago. These materials are beyond amazing. This is my absolute favorite pastor ever. God blessed him with amazing wisdom. The notes are so well organized and line up perfectly with his videos on you tube. I always learn all these little things that I never would have caught on my own. I have never seen such a well organized set of notes. I have been frantically sharing them with everybody that I am close to so that they can be boss because time is SHORT. Thank you so much Pastor Bohr for your painstaking work in compiling these.

Unbelievable Study
Written by Linval McFarlane on Feb 9th 2021

An unbelievable and incredible journey. Yo will see the entire Bible come together as you journey with Christ through the sanctuary. Even so come Lord Jesus!

Written by Barry Opseth on Feb 6th 2021

An incredible study guide that is a must read for those wanting a clearer understanding of one of the pillars of SDA truths. Thank you so much Pastor Bohr and God Bless you and your ministry.

Flash Drive
Written by Claudia on Jan 28th 2021

Thank you pastor for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ. People around the world are being blessed by your efforts. The files are great for sharing with friends and coworkers.

Written by Mthokozisi Sibanda on Jan 17th 2021

I am very thankful for the ministry secrets unsealed. Thank you for this wonderful presentation Pastor Stephen Bohr and your family for giving us such powerful biblical truth that not only grow us but challenge us to dig deeper into the word of God to glean more things God has given us in His Word.

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