Food Combining Chart Made Easy - Laminated

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“Grains, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, in proper combination, contain all the elements of nutrition; and when properly prepared, they constitute the diet that best promotes both physical and mental strength.”  E.G. White, Education, pg. 204


New Format – Placemat Size – Reversible

Learn how to properly combine foods at a glance, for optimum health, digestion, and nutrition. Meal planning can be fun and easy with this informative illustrated chart.  Saves you time!

Two posters in one…Printed on both sides…contains more information, for double the value. Principles of Food combining, Tips for Healthy Eating, Sample Menus, and What Is a Fruit? What is a Vegetable? are included.

Experience how proper food combining can aid in weight loss while gaining energy, or maintain your ideal weight and feel better than ever!   

Beautifully illustrated in full color, the handy 12” x 18” reversible Placemat size is perfect for setting a table, for conversation,  to mount on wall or use on desktop! 

“To preserve the best health, we should avoid eating vegetables and fruit at the same meal…Have fruit at one meal and vegetables at the next.” ~E.G. White, Counsels on Diet and Foods pg. 395

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