Prophecy Made Simple

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Study Notes has 147 pages  |  CD Set has 36 discs  |  MP3 Set has 3 discs

Learn how to study and understand Bible prophecy in a simple fill-in-the-blanks style.

This seminar is an easy-to-understand and common sense study of the great prophecies of the Bible that is unique among such seminars dealing with Seventh-day Adventist beliefs about Bible prophecy and doctrine. Don't be fooled by the title and pass up this series if these subjects may seem to be already very familiar to you, because, while Pastor Bohr makes these topics clear, logical, and simple to understand for those who are not familiar with Adventist views on Bible prophecy, yet it contains fresh spiritual depth, insights, and food for all who desire to understand these great prophecies better.

What especially makes this series unique and useful is how much Pastor Bohr spends time in examining Old Testament history and biblical thought patterns and structure that are the basis of correctly understanding prophecy. These background stories and foundational interpretative principles make for a more well-rounded, logical, and enlightening interpretation of Revelation and other prophetic sections of Scripture which are based upon a proper understanding of Bible history. This series dwells more upon these strong biblical foundations and overall views of the great struggle between Jesus and Satan, as revealed in Bible history and prophecy, rather than giving a detailed study of every doctrine, some of which are examined more than others. This makes the series a great beginning point for those just starting out in the study of these subjects, before they go on to longer and more extensive doctrinal studies. Yet it also reveals background and structural material which is rarely found elsewhere in prophecy seminars, and thus it will enlighten any student.
This comparative and historical approach will open fascinating and life-changing insights into that which you may not have considered before and it beautifully unlocks mysteries and questions discovered in Bible prophecy. This is a great companion to, as well as a great starter series for, Pastor Bohr's more extensive "Cracking the Genesis Code" seminar.


  1. How to Study Bible Prophecy (Guiding Principles)
  2. Earth's Invisible War (Genesis 3:15)
  3. The Prophecy of the Fallen Star (Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14)
  4. The Good News of Bible Prophecy (Daniel 2)
  5. The Beast and the Little Horn (Daniel 7 and Revelation 13:1-10)
  6. The Serpent, the Woman, and the Seed (Revelation 12)
  7. Christ and Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2)
  8. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Prophecy (Galatians 4)
  9. September 11 and the Future of America (Revelation 13:11-18)
  10. The Ram, the Goat, and the 2,300 days (Daniel 8)
  11. The Prophecy Which Proves the Bible True (Daniel 9)
  12. Will Elijah Return? (Malachi 4)
  13. God's Final Message to Planet Earth (Revelation 14)
  14. The Mystery of Babylon the Great (Revelation 17)
  15. The Day When True Worship Will be a Crime (Daniel 3 and 6)
  16. The Battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16)
  17. The Rapture and the Blessed Hope (Matthew 24)
  18. The Thousand Year Reign (Revelation 20)
  19. Lessons From the Days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39)
  20. Our Eternal Home (Revelation 21-22)

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