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Speaker: Taj Pacleb


  1. Unlocking the Revelation
  2. The End! Is it Here, Near or Mere Fear?
  3. Prophecy's Final Countdown
  4. Why So Much Suffering?
  5. The Seed of Bible Prophecy
  6. Revelation's Two Minute Warning
  7. Facing the Judgment with Confidence
  8. Israel in Prophecy
  9. Revelation's Knight in Shining Armor
  10. Revelation's Answer to Global Peace
  11. Revelation's Eternal Sign of Love
  12. Antichrist's Greatest Deception
  13. How to Postpone Your Funeral
  14. Can the Dead Speak to Us?
  15. Revelation's Final Showdown
  16. God's Love in Hell's Fire
  17. Living to Die & Dying to Live
  18. Revelation's Mysterious Horseman
  19. A Love That Transforms
  20. Babylon: The Fallen City of Revelation
  21. Survivors of the Longest War
  22. Messages From Outer Space
  23. The Mark of the Beast & the Seal of God
  24. The Sin that God Cannot Forgive
  25. Can A Saved Man Choose to be Lost?
  26. The Clock Runs out on America's Freedom
  27. What Will Heaven be Like?
  28. The Darker The Night The Brighter The Light

The economy crumbles and natural disasters increase; gas prices spike and morals drop; political and social decay are rampant; terrorism at home and abroad threaten our freedom and people look towards the future with fear and uncertainty.

The prophecies of Daniel & Revelation dispel all these fears as they reveal to us why these things are happening and how we are to respond to them. These Christ centered messages not only give us a 'heads up' about how our world will end, but also will tell us the part that we are going to play in it.  Concerning the book of Revelation, the Bible says:  "Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near."  Get ready for an abundant blessing as you Explore the Prophetic!

Taj Pacleb is a dynamic speaker and teacher of Bible prophecy and is known for his clear and convicting way of sharing God's Word.  Born and raised in the islands of Hawaii, Taj enjoys many activities, but especially sharing the Bible with others.  At age 16, Taj attended a Prophecy Seminar where he encountered Christ for the first time and experienced freedom from his former life of drugs, partying, and feelings of emptiness.  Since then he has had the opportunity to present life changing messages from God's Word on four different continents.

These presentations are especially designed for busy people, and are presented in a relaxed atmosphere for Christians and non-Christians alike.  His personal testimony is included in this series.

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