Emerging Spirituality

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Speakers in this series:

  1. Pastor Stephen Bohr
  2. Alexa Hernandez
  3. Milton Teske, MD
  4. Janet Neumann
  5. Allen Davis, PhD
  6. Jonathan Zirkle

Each present stirring messages applying, explaining, and exposing to God’s church the truth about true and false spirituality.
Our church is at war in issues of worship. There has never been a more important time in the history of this earth to understand the blessings and deceptions of true and false worship.

On the DVD set, there are 7 DVDs, each containing 2 messages.

  1. The Root of Post-modern Thinking by Pastor Stephen Bohr
  2. Mystical Spirituality and the Dismantling of Adventism Part 1 by Alexa Hernandez
  3. The Power of Greens Part 1 by Milton Teske, MD
  4. The Power of Greens Part 2 by Milton Teske, MD
  5. By Invitation Only by Janet Lundeen Neumann
  6. Back to Basics by Allen Davis, PhD
  7. Coexist by Jonathan Zirkle
  8. Papists, Protestants and Worldlings Part 1 by Pastor Stephen Bohr
  9. It's Time to Speak by Allen Davis, PhD
  10. Mystical Spirituality and the Dismantling of Adventism Part 2 by Alexa Hernandez
  11. Shades of Grey by Janet Lundeen Neumann
  12. Nothing New Under the Sun by Jonathan Zirkle
  13. A Mighty Fortress by Jonathan Zirkle
  14. Papists, Protestants and Worldlings Part 2 by Pastor Stephen Bohr

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