Alpha & Omega: Spiritualism, The Final Deception of a Most Startling Nature

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Speaker: Eric Wilson - 9 Presentations on 5 DVDs

What is Spiritual Formation? From where does it find its roots? Is the new spirituality movement that is sweeping the Protestant churches of the West, merely an attempt to update our methods of evangelism? Is there something much darker working behind the scenes? Learn the truth of the origin of these practices . . . Open God’s Word with us, as we reveal the spiritual powers that are seeking to gather the whole world together as one, for the last great battle of earth’s history!

Eric Wilson was a former practitioner and teacher in Asian martial arts, Tai-chi, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. Now director of Isaiah Ministries, he and his wife Sarah live to share the glad tidings of the freedom, victory and salvation given each of us through living faith alone in Christ Jesus! Eric is the author of “Light Shining in Darkness”, a prelude to “The Dragon Revealed” DVD.

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