As We Are One

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Fresno Central's former youth pastor, Justin Torossian, shares his insights on Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17. The more Christians realize that we are not of this world, and the more we allow Christ to change us to come into unity in truth and love and be one as Jesus and His Father are, the more the world will be given evidence that God truly sent His Son to save sinners.

It is when Eve wandered from Adam's side on her own that it was easier for her to slip into temptation and sin. In unity the church has power to overcome the adversary. Pastor Torossian reminds us that those who think they don't need the fellowship of other believers are like a toe or other part disconnected from the body. When we are all joined to the Head and receiving His life, the body of Christ will function together smoothly.

When we are inactive, parts of the body can become cold and numb in losing circulation of the life current. Satan is out to divide and conquer Christians by one means or another. But God will someday fully divide Satan's last attempts at building his unified "Tower of Babel" of rebellious followers who try to overthrow God's unified kingdom.

Since there can be only temporary unity in sin, Satan's divided house will someday come crashing down around him. Pastor Torossian also shows that we can only receive the Latter Rain, and that our house will not come crashing down during it, if we are in the same kind of unity that the early disciples were in, where they shared all in common and were sent forth and given power to unite the kingdom of God under the reign of the Holy Spirit. We are either united or untied-there is no middle ground.

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