Worship At Satan's Throne - Book

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Author: Stephen Bohr | 144 pages, soft cover

A great tragedy is facing the remnant church, as the protectors of God's end-time truth have begun to waver on the teachings that brought them a new, powerful understanding of the Bible and prophecy.

Pastor Stephen Bohr now uncovers the dangers lurking within the Sabbath-keeping church that seek to divide and conquer God's people, crippling their ability to faithfully share the last-day message with the world and driving them onward toward compromise and apostasy.

Learn the methods that Satan is now using to call the faithful out of God's end-time church—methods that are already popular with churches compromising truth and peddling a soft gospel message that fail to truly transform lives for the heavenly kingdom.

This mighty call-to-arms will cover you with truth and the armor of God, so you can stand true even against great peer pressure and opposition and be a bright beacon of light so that others will remain united under the powerful banner of the full and eternal gospel.

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