Watch and Pray At Midnight

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In this series pastors Stephen Bohr, James Rafferty, Alvin Maragh, Randy Skeete and C.A. Murray unpack the profound meaning of the parable of the ten virgins. The presentations center on victory over sin, the loud cry, the latter rain, the close of probation and the time of trouble. Approaching the subject from different perspectives and various parables of Jesus, the presenters focus on the urgency of a personal relationship with Jesus thus preparing a character that will withstand the trials and tribulations ahead.


  1. Crisis with Pastor James Rafferty
  2. Muddy Waters with Pastor C.A. Murray
  3. The Parable of the Dragnet with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  4. Character Perfection in 2020 with Pastor Alvin Maragh
  5. Rewriting the Script with Pastor Randy Skeete
  6. Watch with Pastor C.A. Murray
  7. Open and Closed Doors with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  8. How Are You Doing? with Pastor Randy Skeete
  9. The Jesus Huddle with Pastor James Rafferty
  10. Q&A Session with C.A. Murray, Stephen Bohr, Randy Skeete and James Rafferty
  11. Victory Over Presumptuous Sins with Pastor Alvin Maragh
  12. Finders Keepers with Pastor Randy Skeete
  13. Three Perspectives of the Last Three Plagues with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  14. Do You See What I See with Pastor Randy Skeete
  15. The Age of Do with Pastor C.A. Murray
  16. Watch and Pray with Pastor James Rafferty
  17. You Will Make It! with Pastor Alvin Maragh
  18. Lesson for the Sons of Light with Pastor Stephen Bohr

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