The Truth Concerning Mrs. E.G. White, Uriah Smith and the King of the North

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Author: Louis F. Were | Soft cover - 31 pages

There has long been a controversy, especially in Seventh-day Adventist circles, about a number of issues surrounding Daniel’s prophecy of the King of the North (Dan. 11:45). The author seeks to clear the fog and find the truth in reference to this prophecy; what Mrs. White herself and other pioneers believed regarding it, how the controversy with Uriah Smith over its interpretation was handled, and why it was handled in the manner it was. The purpose of this booklet is not a criticism of any person, but a vindication of truth. And the matter still comes down to where our heart lies. Are we confident in our own abilities to interpret the Scriptures, or are we humbly and prayerfully led by the Spirit, with a teachable and surrendered heart?

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