The Time of the End: A Study of the Last Days

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Compiled by: James L. Hayward, Sr. | Hard Cover - 623 pages

This compilation consists of 4,000 Spirit of Prophecy quotations and Bible References covering the emergence of God's last-day remnant church, its message, its mission to the world, its internal and external challenges, and its final glorious victory--a period of time beginning with the year 1798 and ending with the new earth. Material has been gathered from almost 100 of Ellen White's books, magazine articles, and letters, and other writings with a choice of the most concise, yet clear, statements possible that deal with each subject presented. The compiler's notes have been kept to a minimum, preferring to let the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy Speak. When the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy are not specific, speculation has been avoided choosing rather to await the unrolling of the prophetic scroll Contents: 1) 57 Chapters with titles including: The Emergence of the Remnant Church, Signs of the End, False Prophets, Alpha and Omega Apostasy, Revival and Reformation, Latter Rain and Loud Cry, Labor Unions and Secret Societies, Religious Liberty and Sunday Law, Spiritualism and Hypnotism, The Sealing, Armageddon, Sinners and Satan Destroyed, etc. 2) 125-page Appendix that includes 26 different subjects such as: Creation/Science, The Trinity, Abortion, Christian Dress, Amusements, Immorality, Deceptions, the National Sunday Law, etc.

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