The Significance of the US Papal Visit

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In this presentation, Pastor Bohr traces the history of US relations with the Vatican from the days when there were no diplomatic ties up until the visit of the Pope to the White House and the United Nations in April 2008.

He shows astonishing prophecy-fulfilling news clips of an ecumenical prayer service led by Pope Benedict at St.Joseph's Parish in New York where many denominational religious leaders came forward to pay him honor.

Pastor Bohr also discusses how the church used the sword of the state in the Middle Ages to punish heretics and how that sword was taken away by the secular powers in 1798. He gives examples demonstrating the fulfillment of prophecy's predictions about a return of the papacy to both spiritual and secular power on the world stage as we see happening today.

We see demonstrated in the history of the trial and condemnation of John Hus, the Medieval Church using the state to enforce religious dogmas and the controversy that it caused at the time. We see what sword Hus said that the church did have the right to use and which one they did not.

Pastor Bohr also examines the two foundational principles that are the secret of America's prosperity; the struggles in US history to apply these fast-eroding ideals; some examples of ways that the Puritans used the state to enforce their views on society during the Colonial Period; and a striking speech given by President John F. Kennedy that powerfully expresses our nation's ideal of the separation of church and state.

Sadly, we also learn that what happened to Christ at His trial will be repeated in the last days as church and state once again unite swords. A fascinating companion to "Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

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