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Have you ever wished to explore the reasons why there are a large percentage of Seventh-day Adventist church members today who seem oblivious to the fact that we are in the investigative judgment and that our lives should be coming closer and closer to God's ideal, rather than falling farther away from it?

Has there been a catalyst somewhere in our history that has set many on a different path than they once stood for? Have the things which Ellen White warned us about that would happen in our church's future come true--that the "Alpha" of apostasy, which was catalyzed by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg's book "The Living Temple", which cast doubts on the nature of God and caused many to detour from the church in the early 1900's, would develop into the "Omega" apostasy that will peak in our church in a much more frightening and devastating way during the very last days? Was there another book in our history, also written about the nature of God and His atoning work for us, that is greatly responsible for the developing of the "Omega" apostasy today? In this amazing eye-opening exploration of a critical period in SDA church history, Pastor Bohr traces how, with the events surrounding our seeking accreditation for our seminary and the publication of "Questions on Doctrine", the most controversial book ever published in Adventism, a portion of the church took a road in a different direction in their views on the atonement and what kind of nature Christ took upon Himself when He came here as a Man. Possibly becoming tired of not being accepted as a bona fide Christian denomination by mainstream evangelical Christianity, some leaders in our church during the 1950's met with evangelical leaders such as Walter Martin and Donald Barnhouse and took steps that would increasingly water down our beliefs in how we are saved by Christ's life and death and of the importance of His work in the heavenly sanctuary in providing power so we may overcome sin in our lives and be ready for Him when He comes. The doubts and confusion seen in recent years over the value and meaning of 1844 and the investigative judgment, which has caused the downplaying and disintegration in many Adventist venues of Christian standards, morals, our end-time applications of prophecy, our beliefs concerning science and creation, and our reverent and God-focused worship styles and practices, is the sure result of this sad history.

Pastor Bohr explores several major biblical doctrines which Christian denominations have misunderstood over the years, concerning certain aspects about the nature of Christ, the gospel, grace, the law, sanctification, perfection and the work of atoning salvation. He then shows why many of our doctrinal and foundational views of the work of salvation could never mix with any other denomination's teachings. Satan has hit us at our foundation pillars and has thus tried to detour the church into ecumenism, so that we will mute our distinct message in order to be accepted as "one of them" and thus eventually lose sight of spreading the three angels' messages, which call people out of Babylon's corruptions of Bible doctrine. Every Seventh-day Adventist should hear this presentation, which reveals the disease causing the symptoms that we see today. It calls us back to our roots in fulfilling the work of the remnant church described in Bible prophecy and to uphold "the faith once delivered to the saints". It makes a must-have companion to Pastor Bohr's "Worship at Satan's Throne" presentation.

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