The Lunar Sabbath Conspiracy

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Author: Terri Heagy

Soft cover with 153 pages.  This book is highly recommended by Pastor Bohr.

A mysterious movement creeps in among us . . .  Have the Jews, Seventh-day Adventists, and other Saturday Sabbath-keepers been fooled into regarding an evil, pagan day instead of the true Sabbath for the past 2,000 years?  Did God's original Sabbath really coordinate with the moon instead of being on a continuous weekly cycle?  The belief that the Lunar Sabbath was God's original creation is circling the globe, taking in many unsuspecting people.  Exploring the past, God's Word, and the Spirit of Prophecy, this book shares a wealth of interesting information to help answer these questions.Chapter Titles:
  1. Lunar Light
  2. When IS the Lunar Sabbath?
  3. Moons, Feasts, and Sabbaths
  4. God Preserves a Continuous Week
  5. God's Design of Sevens
  6. Is Saturday the Sabbath?
  7. Lunar Sabbath Lost?
  8. The Sabbath Takes a Turn
  9. Evil Origins and Pagan Things
  10. Commencing the Sabbath
  11. The 31 AD Question
  12. Lunar Sabbath in Prophecy?
  13. Problems with Sources
  14. The Spirit of Prophecy
  15. Don't Make a Mistake

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