The Hebrew Religious Calendar

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Before Jesus came to this earth, He sat down with His Father and planned the seven successive steps that He would take in the plan of salvation. However, not only did they plan the steps but they also prepared a detailed calendar when those steps would take place. The Hebrew Sanctuary reveals the events of salvation history and the Feast reveal the calendar of those events. This study focuses on the seven Feasts and their relationship to the sanctuary. Included is a study of the season of the Messiah's birth, the three days and three nights and whether Christians are still required to observe the Feasts. Your faith in the God who knows the end from the beginning will be strengthened.

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Must Have Series
Written by Richard Rose on Apr 29th 2019

This syllabus, the culmination of decades of intense study, aided by the Holy Spirit, should be in every church library. It sets the standard for future publications on this subject, if anyone dares to try it. I'm currently in a long debate with a feast keeper, and I've labored with another for a few years. I just mailed a letter today to heretic author Tom Stapleton in Kelowna, Canada. I warmly suggested that he buy The Hebrew Religious Calendar syllabus and carefully study it. My feast keeper friend wanted me to watch one of Tom's videos. In the first 7+ minutes he told two lies, so I stopped right there. In my letter I told him the truth about those wrong comments in a friendly way. My friend also loaned me his book, Restoring God's Feasts. I didn't read any of it because the premise of the title was false, and anything else he said to expand on it would also be false. I quoted EGW, Review & Herald, Feb. 25, 1896 where she plainly states, "Christ has taken his people into his church. He has swept away every ceremony of the ancient type. He has given no liberty to restore these rites." So, Tom needs a higher authority than Christ, and he won't find one!

Written by Gutsavo on Aug 8th 2018

Un muy buen material, excelente explicación sobre el tema, muy recomendado.

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