The Great Prophecies of the Old Testament Part 1

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Author: Pastor Stephen Bohr - 477 pages, spiral bound

In this Anchor class we will study in detail some of the minor prophets that are closely linked with the book of Revelation. Among those are Habakkuk, Nahum, Joel and Jonah. We will also study portions of the major prophets that are developed in the book of Revelation such as Jeremiah 4, Isaiah 24-27, 36-38 and Ezekiel 38, 39, among others. But this is not all, we will also compare God’s perspective of prophecy and ours as well as prophecies that are rarely considered, such as the typological meaning of the cities of refuge, the glory on the face of Moses as he descended from the mount, and the typological parallels between the building of the Jerusalem wall by Nehemiah and our parallel work today.

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