The Great Cosmic Controversy

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Author/Speaker: Stephen Bohr

Seventh-day Adventists often refer to the "doctrine" of the sanctuary. But the sanctuary is much more than a mere doctrine of the church. It is actually the World View that unites all the Bible doctrines into a beautiful mosaic of truth. In this series Pastor Bohr links the sanctuary with the overarching concept of the great conflict between good and evil and explains how Jesus, step by step, resolves the universal problem of evil. If you want to know how evil began, why it continues and how it will end this is the series for you.


  1. The Great Cosmic Controversy
  2. God’s Judgment Process
  3. The Immaculate Lamb
  4. The Slain Lamb
  5. We Have an Advocate
  6. The Most Holy Place Message Part 1
  7. The Most Holy Place Message Part 2
  8. Living without an Intercessor
  9. The Faithful Generation
  10. The Controversy Ended
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Written by Lynda Prosser on Aug 6th 2018

I am enjoying the subject and makes you think and corrects any wrong information that collected over the years of growing from youth to senior

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