The Fire of His Jealousy by Louis F. Were

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Author: Louis F. Were

Soft cover - 16 pages “Our God is a consuming fire,” states the Apostle Paul, as he solemnly warns us to serve our Maker now and prepare to meet Him in the fast-approaching judgment day. Everywhere in Scripture God is consistently pictured as being bathed or clothed in fire. The image of fire is also combined with the jealousy of God: “For the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.” As the author examines many of the “fiery” texts that refer to these descriptions of the Lord, we gain a clearer picture of the true meaning of texts that have often been interpreted as referring to an everlasting fire of punishment. Is the threat of punishment the intent, or is it an invitation to pure worship and singular devotion to a God who loves us with an infinite desire? Let renowned biblical scholar, Louis F. Were, take you on a brief but thorough journey through these awesome images of our Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, and Lord. Come face to face with the unimaginable glory of God, the purifying nature of the Holy Spirit's work, and other aspects of the “fiery” nature of God—yes, including the fire of His judgment.

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