The Desire of Ages - hard cover and fully illustrated

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Hard cover 8-1/2"x 11" - 559 pages, a $65 value

Author: Ellen G. White 

Many people have discovered the story of Jesus and His love through the pages of this wonderful book. Best Desire of Ages ever printed! Large print, packed with full color pictures. The Salvation themes come alive with this illustrated edition.

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Inspired and worthy reading
Written by Jwan Waldon on Feb 25th 2021

The most amazing book on the ministry and life of Jesus Christ and the bible information that have you searching the Scriptures. I am a bible student and Berean I love studying the bible to get accurate on the word of God. You are never to smart to learn more and never to ignorant to not learn. I know that from a Christian friend. I love the word of God. ❤

A greatly blessed book
Written by Said on Jan 4th 2018

The Desire of Ages is an amazing book about Jesus. And this fully illustrated book, compliments the story with the beautiful pictures. Worth to get for your family and to get for a special friend or foe.

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