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Speakers: Speakers: Stephen Bohr, P. Gerard Damsteegt, Laurel Damsteegt, Kameron DeVasher, Larry Kirkpatrick, Mel Mulder, Dennis Priebe, Edwin Reynolds, and Milton Teske.

Presentation Titles:

  1. Sola Scriptura: The Sanctuary World View with Stephen Bohr
  2. How to Interpret Bible Prophecy with P. Gerald Damsteegt
  3. Paul & James: A Contradiction? Case Study: Sin & Righteousness with Larry Kirkpatrick
  4. Sola Scriptura: Is There Room for Ellen White? with Kameron DeVasher
  5. Solus Christus: Is There Room for Doctrine? with Kameron DeVasher
  6. Sola Scriptura: Does Science Contradict the Creation Story? (Science vs. Pseudo-science) with Mel Mulder
  7. Sola Scriptura, the Reformation, and Ellen G. White with Gerard Damsteegt
  8. Biblical Principles for Interpreting Scripture with Dr. Edwin Reynolds
  9. Hermeneutics and the Reformation with Edwin Reynolds
  10. Sola Scriptura: Does Science Contradict the Creation Story? (Truth vs. Falsehood) with Mel Mulder
  11. Sola Scriptura and End Time Events with Stephen Bohr
  12. The Great Controversy Over the Bible with Laurel Damsteegt
  13. Soli Deo Gloria with Stephen Bohr
  14. Paul & James: A Contradiction? Case Study: Faith and Works with Larry Kirkpatrick
  15. Strange Fire: Unbiblical Hermeneutics with Edwin Reynolds
  16. Is There Room for Works with Dennis Priebe
  17. Applying Hermeneutical Methods with Edwin Reynolds
  18. Sola Scriptura vs Science-based Healthcare with Dr. Milton Teske
  19. Are you Protestant or Catholic with Dennis Priebe

October 31, 2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. At the Secrets Unsealed Annual Summit, we invited a slate of nine speakers to unpack the meaning of the Protestant Reformation and its relevance for today. Under the theme ‘SOLA’, the speakers expanded upon themes such as hermeneutics, the relevance of the Spirit of Prophecy, the true meaning of righteousness by faith, and Bible prophecy. In a time when Protestantism is gravitating every so swiftly back to the Roman Catholic Church, this series is most relevant and timely.

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