Rightly Dividing the Word

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Speakers include: Pastor Stephen Bohr, Pastor CA Murray, Pastor Daniel Gouveia, Dr. Nicholas Urrutia, and Gerry Wagoner

At creation God established a six part blueprint for the happiness of humanity. Sadly, sinful man has changed each part of the blueprint to the detriment of the family, society and the world. God has called Seventh-day Adventists to restore each and every part of the blueprint.

DVD Titles (17 presentations on 9 DVDs)

  1. The Conversion Continuum Part 1 with Pastor CA Murray
  2. The Falling Mantle with Gerry Wagoner
  3. Changing The Truth Into A Lie Part 1 with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  4. Rest for the Mind with Dr. Nicholas Urrutia
  5. How You Read The Word with Pastor Daniel Gouveia
  6. Changing The Truth Into A Lie Part 2 with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  7. Healthy Mind with Dr. Nicholas Urrutia
  8. The Conversion Continuum Part 2 with Pastor CA Murray
  9. The Blessing of a Clear Conscience with Gerry Wagoner
  10. How The Word Reads You with Pastor Daniel Gouveia
  11. Changing The Truth Into A Lie Part 3 with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  12. Standing Where Others Are Kneeling with Gerry Wagoner
  13. The Conversion Continuum Part 3 with Pastor CA Murray
  14. Changing The Truth Into A Lie Part 4 with Pastor Stephen Bohr
  15. Advindication with Ryan Day
  16. The Conversion Continuum Part 4 with Pastor CA Murray
  17. Changing The Truth Into A Lie Part 5 with Pastor Stephen Bohr

Study Notes Chapter Titles (60-pages - spiral bound). These study notes only cover Pastor Stephen Bohr's presentations.

  1. Changing the Truth Into a Lie Part 1
  2. Changing the Truth Into a Lie Part 2
  3. Changing the Truth Into a Lie Part 3
  4. Changing the Truth Into a Lie Part 4
  5. Changing the Truth Into a Lie Part 5




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Rightly Dividing The Word
Written by Steve Sage on Jul 25th 2022

I love the fact that Jesus is revealing all truth while exposing all error in these last days for the sake of all His children to come eternally home to the Spirit Leader who loves us (Rev. 18:4). And I doubly love the fact that, while the greater leadership in God's church is temporarily sidetracked, laymen, especially Stephen Bohr, who has God's gift of teaching, is doing a wonderful job glorifying God and magnifying His Perfect Law of Love and Liberty. I have always appreciated Beloved Bohr. I consider him a bright shining light in this very dark world. Thank you Jesus, and keep him faithful and true is my prayer.

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