Reversing Autoimmune

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Speakers: Gabriel and Jennifer Arruda

Presentations Titles:

  1. The Autoimmune Crisis and How to Reverse It
  2. Environmental Toxins and Autoimmune Diseases
  3. Toxic Foods Causing Autoimmunity
  4. How Toxic Food Damages the Gut and What To Do About It
  5. Stress, Autoimmunity, and How to Decrease it
  6. Genes and the 5-Step Protocol to Cure Autoimmunity
  7. Why Are So Many Christians Getting Sick?
  8. Healing a Leaky Gut: Anti-inflammatory Healing Soup, Turmeric Drink, and Aloe
  9. Autoimmune Cooking: Pancakes and Chia Pudding
  10. Autoimmune Cooking: Cheese and Amazing Salads
  11. Autoimmune Cooking: Pasta Alfredo
  12. Autoimmune Cooking: Esau's Red Lentils
  13. Autoimmune Cooking: I Can't Believe It's Not Cheesecake

What are autoimmune diseases? Can they actually be reversed? At just 29 years old, Gabriel started seeing the first signs of the same autoimmune disease that killed his mother and grandmother, autoimmune liver cirrhosis. He suffered through chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, food allergies, problems sleeping, and a terrible skin fungus that covered a third of his body. However, what began as a death sentence turned into a wonderful blessing of health and discovery. With the blessing of God, through much prayer, years of research, and trial and error, Gabriel and his wife successfully reversed his autoimmune disease without taking one single medication. In this series, you are going to learn how diet, environmental toxins, and genes effect autoimmune diseases and what you can do about it.


Gabriel and Jennifer Arruda work together, traveling and speaking across the country with the passion to share the blessings of happiness and health with as many people as they can. As a motivational speaker, Gabriel specializes in teaching the uplifting messages of hope and Bible prophecy. As a nutritionist and health educator, Jennifer specializes in teaching healthy cooking and lifestyle coaching. They have been happily married for 13 years and credit their happy home to having Jesus as the center of their lives.



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